Young Women in Public Affairs Awards (YWPA)

Established in 1990 by Past International President Leneen Forde, the Young Women in Public Affairs Award honors young women of age 16 to 19, who demonstrate a commitment to leadership in public policy, government and volunteer organizations. The program operates at the Zonta club, district/region and international levels. Zonta clubs provide awards for club recipients, and district/region and international awards are funded by the Zonta International Foundation. District recipients receive US$1,000, and ten international recipients are selected from the district/region recipients to receive awards of US$4,000 each.


Women of any nationality who are students of age 16-19 on 1 April each year, studying and living, or working in a Zonta district/region and who demonstrate evidence of the following are eligible to apply.  Note that applicants from geographic areas where no clubs are located will be considered and also eligible for the District/Region Award.

  • Active commitment to volunteerism
  • Experience in local or student government
  • Volunteer leadership achievements
  • Knowledge of Zonta International and its programs
  • Advocating in Zonta International's mission of advancing the status of women worldwide


The application must start with a Zonta club. All application materials must be received at a Zonta club by the printed deadline that is usually at the end of January or mid of February each year. Zonta clubs select one application to send to the district governor/region representative. A district/region evaluating committee reviews the applications and selects one applicant per district/region to submit to Zonta International Headquarters. The Zonta International YWPA Committee recommends ten international recipients from the district applications to the Zonta International Board. After approval by the Zonta International Board, the Zonta International Foundation provides awards and certificates to the district and international recipients.

Please. locate a Zonta Club near you and ask for the application forms. On Club level the application can be written in your native language. On District level the application has to be translated into English.

Award news

YWPA 2018 applications in English, German and French

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YWPA Newsletter : Clémentine Rixhon wins ZI YWPA Award

I have the great pleasure and honor to let you know that the YWPA Zonta International Board selected our District Winner Clémentine Rixhon to receive one of the ten International YWPA Awards ! My warmest congratulations to Clementine Rixhon for her outstanding commitment in political activities, her european involvement and her upspeak for gender equality ! Congratulations to Zonta Club Luxembourg Multiculturel for promoting the YWPA program and above all for finding « the real gem » ! A special thank , from my heart, to the district jury who did such a good job and choose the ‘right one’ ! And many thanks also to all the clubs involved in the YWPA promotion and support. Many of us will have the pleasure to meet Clementine Rixhon at the Award Ceremony and seize the opportunity to speak...

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YWPA District 27 winners 2017

On behalf of our Governor, the YWPA committee has the pleasure to present the D27 YWPA 2017 results. We can be proud that this program is so strong in our district . Out of 60 entries all around the district, 25 applications were forwarded to district level - all neatly completed : many thanks to all of you.

Congratulations to :

1-Clementine Rixhon (ZC Luxembourg Multiculturel)

2-Laura Faghihi (ZC Bremen)

3-Pauline Nissen (ZC Saint-Hubert Redouté) .

8 jurors have been at work for their scorings by points ; each area had a jury member, what was really good!. And myself. I must say that all the jurors made a fantastic job with all their competencies and heart. And if the 25 outstanding youn...

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YWPA District 27 Winners 2016

Dear Friends In the name of the District 27 YWPA Committee it’s my great pleasure to announce our YWPA District winners 2016:

1. Da-Un Jeong ZC Bremen

2. Sophie Rasqui ZC Luxembourg Multiculturel

3. Stephanie Lange ZC Hannover

Congratulations to these outstanding young women, the clubs supporting them and all the Zontians in our District who put in a lot of effort and time to promote this award. Everyone can be really proud of these results ! Our District had a total of 56 YWPA applications of which 22 were transferred to District level - not a single one of them was missing a single signature !!!! Thank you very much !!!!. The quality of the applications was extraordinarily high and it was ve...

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Da-Un Jeong ZC Bremen

YWPA District 27 award 3. 2015 Jessie Thill

The District 27 Award 3. price goes to Jessie Thill, 19 years old, living in Luxemburg and supported by the ZC of Luxembourg. She is vice president of the only female student on the board of the national student's committee of Luxembourg CNEL, as well as a member of the Yourt Parliament of Luxembourg and it's delegate to the International Youth Forum. (more information below)

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Juliette Thill (left)

YWPA District 27 award 2. 2015 Juliette Leader

The District 27 Award 2. price goes to Juliette Leader, 17 years old of british-american origin. She is a student of the International School of Luxemburg. Her application was supported by the ZC of Luxembourg Multiculturel. (more information below)

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Juliette Leader (left)

YWPA District 27 and YWPA International Award Winner 2015

Josefine Brons, YWPA Laureate 2015 of ZC Bremen and Winner of the 2015 YWPA District 27 Award went on to receive one of 10 YWPA 2015 International Awards by Zonta International – Congratulations ! She is 18 years old and living in Bremen. She is an outstanding young woman committed to various organizations and has actively participated in multiple conferences: Comprehansive School Students Bremen, Model European Parliament Bremen and different other European capitals, Bremen awareness Group and it's advisory board "Young Women". (more informaton and picture in article)

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Josefine Brons (right)

YWPA poster now available

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Carlotta Hoss receives International YWPA price from ZC Luxembourg-Multiculturel

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Governor Myriam Troubleyn hands over the YWPA price to Carlotta Hoss

YWPA awardee 2014 in German press

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Young Women in Public Affairs - District 27 winner 2013

Annika Raschen (nominated by ZC Bremen / Germany

With a dream of one day working within a non-governmental organisation to improve intercultural communication, Annika Raschen is the soul definition of what the ‘Young Women in Public Affairs Award’ stands for. After having graduated from the Hermann-Böse-Gymnasium in Bremen in the spring of 2013, Annika wishes to enroll in either the Jacobs University Bremen, from which she has already received a placement in conjunction with a partial scholarship, or commit herself to the ‘International Buisness and Languages’ course presented to her by Dutch universities such as the prestigious Hanze University Groningen. Despite her ambitious and admirable academic objectives, Annika still wishes to uphold her curre...

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Annika Raschen YWPA District 27 winner

Young Women in Public Affairs Award - International Winner 2012 is Ga-Ram Kim from Luxembourg

District 27 is pleased to announce that one of the five international recipients of the Young Women in Public Affairs Awards is

Ga-Ram Kim from Luxembourg.

After being the winner of the YWPA Award of ZC Luxembourg-Multiculturell and being the winner on district 27 level Ga-Ram Kim recieved one of the awards at international level.  


Ga-Ram Kim is currently living in Luxembourg. She has lived in Korea, France, England, Switzerland and Germany. This experience has had a profound effect on her understanding of other cultures and inspired her interest in international relations, which she plans to continue studying, in addition to medicine. Her participation in Global Issues Network and Model United Nations...

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