Zonta Club Waregem - A new club in Area 05 - Charter on 27th October 2012

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A lot of area directors from the recent and more remote past were present to congratulate the new Zonta club , together with the past and present Governor !

 What a wonderful day it was !

For 2012-2014, our Area has chosen the motto  : BUILDING BRIDGES. We really believe that this is exactly what Zonta is all about !

Zontaclub of Waregem has valued  this philosophy from the beginning: on many activities of other clubs of our Area we could meet the motivated Zontians of Waregem. They were always looking for the Zonta Spirit in order to bring the spirit to others, in search of the Zonta Light that gives more value to our life !

The bridge towards other members of our Area has been crossed  frequently.

With the ambition of the founding president Martine Vanholme as a shining example, I felt from the very beginning that it was good here in Waregem ! A thousand ideas, always continuing to build the Zonta goals and a vibrating ambiance : that is how Zonta Waregem came in the picture !

Building Bridges is what we want to continue to do : it is important that the richness of an international network such as Zonta International can be experienced as a tremendous gift to our local operation. The new official Zontians of Waregem are an important link in the international chain.  Advancing the status of women worldwide, that is what we go for together!

The charter ceremony at the Waregem Town Hall was very stylish and inspiring ! The audience was taken on a ‘guided tour’ through Zonta and a lot of information was given about the start and the growth of the Zonta club of Waregem, the international goals and structure of Zonta and the spirit and values that Zonta wants to realize.

The representatives of the political authorities emphasized the importance of service clubs in a society and gave a lot of support to the ideas and goals that Zonta Waregem tries to make true !

After this charter ceremony, we were invited to have a drink to celebrate this new start in the Zontaworld.

In the evening 320 guests were happy to participate at the Gala dinner : the atmosphere was very warm and the fact that so many friends of the new Zonta ladies were present for this celebration really gave a boost to everyone !

Delicious food, good drinks, original entertainment (a movie where the ‘Zontaladies in white’ did a special dance on a bridge as a way to focus on their mission !), good music and a convivial atmosphere : this is how I can describe this evening in a nutshell !

Congratulations to all of you, dear new Zonta members !

Dear Zontians of Waregem, do you come with us ?  Crossing the bridge together, towards  an unknown future at Zonta…  But that  it  will be exciting with you all together, that is something I am fully convicted of.  

Let’s go for it !

Let’s build bridges !




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