First Feedback on PR and Communications after the Zonta International Nice Convention

Dear Ladies, District Chairs for PR&C , District webmasters, or replacing delegates at the Nice convention training session, I first of all would like to thank the participants to the Zonta International Convention training in Nice about PR&C. I annex you find the presentation for further distribution to your areas and clubs. Important highlights to forward to each area director, club president and their PR&C chairs!! 1. THE OFFICIAL ZONTA MISSION: The official mission of Zonta is :”Zonta International is a leading global organization of professionals empowering women worldwide through service and advocacy”. Make sure it is systematically used and in this exact wording on your publications, website etc… 2. BRAND GUIDELINES: We try to standardize the Zonta brand and look and feel in the whole world, to create more impact and immediate brand recognition. Please make sure to always use the brand guidelines for Logo, colors, fonts etc… Your club logo in the new format can be requested at headquarter with the different background colors if you do not have the different versions yet. We have as of now also a new standard powerpoint template ( with the mahogany vertical bar on each slide) available on the Zonta website. So please make sure to use it and comply with the guidelines. Old printed materials can be used until stock depletion, but new materials should be developed according to the new guidelines. 3. MESSAGING: We have developed a typical messaging framework that indicates some typical words that we would like to see in your local communications. Please use these wordings, as mentioned in the annexed presentation. 4. PICTURES: Zonta International has a set of agreed pictures that can be used in your brochures, free of intellectual property rights. Please avoid using IP protected pictures. Headquarter can provide them to you on request and we hope to be able to publish them soon in the protected part of the Zonta website. 5. PUBLIC WEBSITE VERSUS MY ZONTA: The new website is online. It has a public part and it has a “My Zonta” part, where you enter in your own non-public Zonta space with your member user ID and password. Information will be pushed to you there depending on your need. Members are requested to go and update their profile in “my Zonta”. We will soon activate the communities functionality in the my “zonta space”, where you can sign up to receive information from specific groups or topics. 6. ZONTA PRINT PORTAL: We try to save you money and to standardize brochures and documents used worldwide by now offering predesigned customizable templates on the new Zonta Print Portal against a small fee which is lower than your own local design and development costs. The print portal can be reached on : Club presidents and “plus” should have received a user ID and password from headquarter to access to this portal. The portal contains approved standard Zonta materials in the new look and feel (member brochure, business card templates, handout post card, …) and that can be customized with your local club information. A document procured through the portal can either be directly ordered in printed format at a printer close to your club ( please think of bundling orders and shipping!) or be downloaded as PDF to your PC, to then go to your own print shop. Please note that the portal is online but is still being fine-tuned. 7. YOUR LIAISON PERSON at the INTERNATIONAL PR&C COMMITTEE: Each district PR&C responsible has a liaison person assigned from the International PR&C Committee. In the annexed presentation you find the names and contact details. Any questions can be addressed to these persons. 8. YOUR PR&C LIAISON PERSON at ZONTA HEADQUARTERS is Megan Radavich: 9. PICTURES FROM THE NICE - 2016 - ZONTA INTERNATIONAL CONVENTION are now available for a limited amount of time and free of charge at: Link: GD34-Zonta Password: 2016Nice 10. The presentations of the convention will be made available on the website! Early September 2016 we will announce our PR&C Goals and Plan, once this is approved by the Zonta International Board. That will be the next moment where you will hear from the PR&C-team!! Go and spread the word about Zonta and its mission wherever you can!! Warm regards, Annemie

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