Area 05 and 06 Meeting

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140 enthusiastic members of Area 05 and 06 in Flanders attended the joint Area Meeting on Saturday June 10th in New Zebra in Ghent. Three speakers introduced the panel discussion: Joanie Derijke (war journalist), Mia Doornaert (political journalist) and Cathérine Ongenae (journalist and anthropologist). One of our members, Annemie Viaene (Zonta International PR Committee chairman), led the discussion. Mrs. Derijke talked about the terrible situation of women in Muslim countries and her experience as a woman. Mrs. Doornaert pointed out that feminism has a task to come up for women and girls in Muslim countries and also more and more in Europe. She fears that women’s rights in Europe are in decline due to islamisation. Mrs. Ongenae, although she agreed mostly with the two previous speakers pointed out that sexism is still an issue that needs attention in our European communities. She gives examples of women’s role models, women in publicity, sexism in working space, …

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