Stella Hofmann, Winner of the YWPA 2021 District 27

9 September 2021

Stella Hofmann, Winner of the YWPA 2021 District 27

Stella impressively lives out the qualities, ideals, leadership, and dedication that Zontians love to recognize and nurture in young women. Pursuing her goal of becoming a medical scientist requires lots of discipline in developing outstanding academic and personal skills. Nevertheless, she is far from primarily being focused on herself. Her versatile social and political engagement is a testimony to Stella’s extraordinary willingness to serve, lead and make a positive difference in as many people’s lives as possible.

Among others, Stella serves as a school medic, mediator, and as mentor for disadvantaged pupils. Additionally, she is the plenary leader of the Göttingen youth parliament. In this leadership role, she helps to provide a voice for ca. 15000 young people. She is a great role model motivating young women to aspire to positions that are still dominated by men.

Last but not least, stays in England and France enhanced Stella’s cultural understanding and shaped her international perspective on the role of women. Abroad, she expressed her remarkable helpfulness as a contact officer and mediator in the boarding house of her school and by participating in England’s National-Citizenship-Service-Program.

Thriving for personal excellence as an aspiring medical scientist while maintaining a servant’s heart by putting others first, Stella is an outstanding inspiration not only for girls but also for boys, women, and men of all ages.

Stella Hofmann, Winner of the YWPA 2021 District 27

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