Build a better World for Women and Girls

Zonta International

Our vision is powerful ...

Zonta International is a leading global organization of people dedicated to empowerment, service and advocacy. We envision a world where women’s rights are recognized as human rights and where every woman can reach her full potential. We stand for a world where women have access to all resources and are fairly represented in decision-making positions. We stand for a world where no woman lives in fear of violence.

... our mission is clear 

Zonta International is actively dedicated to change by giving women a voice worldwide. We do this through service and advocacy, both locally and internationally. Beyond that, our clubs celebrate young girls and young women with scholarships and awards such as the Young Women in Public Affairs Award, the Jane M. Klausman Scholarship, and the Amelia Earhart Fellowship.

We act in line with Zonta International President Ute Scholz's vision for 2022-2024: "Zonta International is needed now more than ever. Our vision for gender equality is not yet a reality. Around the world, women and girls are facing increased challenges as a result of COVID-19, climate change and threats to their human rights. To respond to these challenges, we need a strong, committed community of individuals working together at the local and global levels to fight for gender equity. Together we will build a better world for woman and girls."

Do you want to be a part of the change for young girls and women worldwide? Thanks to your support, we can make a difference.

This is how we contribute


Both Zonta International and our local services work on improving the status of women worldwide.


Our advocacy aims to influence the drafting and implementation of laws and general attitudes and behaviors.


Zonta holds several fundraising projects to create a better world for women. You too can be a part of this change.


Zonta stands for connectedness. Benefit from the advantages of our widespread international network.

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