One Year of War in Ukraine

24 February 2023

One Year of War in Ukraine

To all Zontians of Area 04

I would especially like to let our clubs in Lviv and Uzhgorod
of our Area 04 know that all members of our District 27 are with you in thoughts and friendship. We all are deeply impressed by your energy and your successes regarding the help for your fellow citizens.

In the last year thousands of Zontians have expressed their solidarity for you and your country via very helpful and forward-facing gifts.
Through your carefully considered plans and your huge personnel deployment you all have developed to a reliable factor in destabilized and oppressive surroundings.
In terms of our Zonta spirit, which creates a strong culture of community and friendship, we will support you to the best of our abilities.

With a word of the French philosopher Albert Camus, I call out to you and all the Ukrainian Zontians:

To live, means to act!

You all testify this in an impressive way!
May your future actions have much benefit and a lot of success!

Yours Ute Noeske

One Year of War in Ukraine

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